No kidding! … standard price up to 10 acres for 1 cent [US] !!
Spring 2019: new SAVER deals available at 60% reduction !!!



[approx $9 !!!]
  • Still Available!!!!
  • 25 to 100 Sq Km
  • Land Choice



[approx $24]
  • Available
  • 25 to 100 Sq Km
  • Land Choice



[approx $8]
  • Sorry! All Gone!
  • Up to 100 Sq Km
  • Land Choice
All Gone



[$1.35] transaction fee
  • Sorry! All Gone!
  • Up to 100 Sq Km
  • Land Choice
All Gone

On average our standard price [per acre] is at least ONE THOUSAND TIMES CHEAPER than those so-called deeds out there!

**** 100 SQ KM = NEARLY 25,000 Acres! … for less than $24! [rate = 10 Acres for under 1 Cent] ****

If you get in EARLY you can get a claim at even more reduced prices (saver and standard claims are otherwise just the same).

WOW!...That's Crazy!!


Immediately after making your Mars claim you are able to download your Certificates. You get one Glossy Picture Cert, one Detailed Cert, one Seasonal Gift Cert, a Declaration Of Intent and an informing Covernote…Look:

The Checkout Process
All sales are operated smoothly via the Shopify platform which is very stable to fast high volume transactions. Payment can be made through Shopify payments [credit cards processed: safe, secure and fast] or by Paypal [you dont need to be a Paypal member to use Paypal so you can choose to proceed as a guest and use secure credit card payment.
Remember to input all requested details
On payment you immediately get a downloadable certificate bundle [also by email]. You will need to give us the name of the claimant for our records [eg yourself or the recipient if it is a gift]. All PDF certificates are stamped.
If you have any problems with the payment process, contact us via email [] or via the form on our contact page.


We are filing claims for Mars & other celestial bodies. If you want to see the full portfolio of celestial land available to claim then hover on this banner and click through to our official sales site:


These are all available [including the elite land preference claims] from Celestial Sales:

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