Legal Issues

"Laser Law": Safe Use Outdoors
The BIGGEST issue. We absolutely recognise that if we were to harm anyone through our laser use, either a passer-by or aircrew, we should rightly face the full force of the law. Thus we have solidly worked out our geographical sites, hours of practice and standard operating procedures. See the “ABOUT” section for more info on this.
We can confidently say that our use of lasers, with reference to both UK and International guidelines, is conducted safely & responsibly.
Space Law
We believe this part of law to be the clearest to negotiate. In the Space Treaty:
Article 1> potentially offers some weak resistance to an act of celestial appropriation, but is not categoric at all.
Article 2> blocks only national sovereign appropriation of celestial land.
Article 6> is not a hurdle for us as we do not carry out any actual “activity” in Space.
Article 8> does not apply as laser photons are NOT objects. Phycisists term them “massless”.
International Public Law
This is the trickiest issue. The field is complex and by no means uniform. To make matters worse, we’re medically qualified, not lawyers. Doctors and lawyers have traditionally had a rather competitive abrasive relationship but we are most grateful for some good help in our research. As a result of our research we see that our unique decision to effect changes on Mars through laser use is actually very commensurate with the proof required for Factual Possession of a distant difficult land.
Confidence level for laser safety
Confidence In Negotiating Space Law
Confidence in proof of factual possession / effective occupation under international public law

Want more detailed legal info? Here’s a PDF doc with good snippets from Int’l law and space law journals and books:  Click LAW!

There is of course the question:
“Is it legal to sell land on a planet?”
Well, other online businesses do it without any attempt to really “possess” the land concerned. They give out “deeds” to 1 acre of the Moon or Mars [or Venus etc] for $20 or much more. They save themselves by stating “this is a novelty gift” on the deed certificates. That’s a very expensive novelty gift, but perhaps worthwhile, as long as the buyer knows they are as valid as a “World’s Best Dad” certificate. The Mars Register founder got just such a “deed” gifted in 1997 [A nice fun gift].

Well, we know that nobody save the UN has the International authority to form a Celestial Registry in order to award Title Deeds to a planet. So therefore, we do not issue Deeds. We state that our documented and witnessed actions/statements are consistent with legal requirements for Factual Possession of a difficult distant property/land. Thus [a bit like a squatter can legally take in other squatters by selling them a share of their “posession”], we are selling Claims to Mars, thus the claimants can join us in our ‘single possession’. We thus can legally approach the UN with a list of claimants’ names and request title registration to Mars for us all [to be placed in trust for us all as tenants in common].
As long as we are open to potential claimants that we are selling a ‘claim’ rather than a ‘deed’ then we don’t have a legal issue. Also, it should be noted that our ultimate goals are fairly noble… a new Space Treaty and UN Trusteeship of Space.

Certainly, we are a commercial venture, but we think it is obvious to all that giving away claims for up to 100 Sq Km of Martian land for Free or under $10 is not particularly exorbitant! We have spent time and effort on this unusual project and so if we do sell several thousand claims we will then break even. More than that and we are into profit, which would be great. We are very pro-business, including space-business, hence the nature of our mission.

There is also the rather tricky legal issue of a Territory/Property Trust Formation in the future [The Mars Trust]. Well, if it comes to that we will have plenty of help from UN and other sources. Ultimately, such a Trust only needs to be formed if we are successfull in gaining Title registration to Mars. Thus, we have tried to make it clear in our Declaration of Intent [see media page], that we are aiming to register all of us [the claimants together] as tenants in common [with unequal shares described by Deed] with the Martian land held for us in Trust and UN as Trustee. We have also delineated how we would see the land divided, should the UN register our Title but then ultimately fail to get any new Space Treaty ratified. In that case we propose a lottery for the land plots. The plots vary from 25 sq km to 100 sq km [hence unequal shares].

We do understand the vulnerability of such a Trust should we actually all become tenants in common [a single bankruptcy could ruin the Trust]. Hence we have warned that UN may require us to instead assume a contingent beneficiary status. Again, we have advised this clearly on this website and in the Declaration of Intent which is given to each new claimant.

Finally, we have made it clear in the “What do I get?” page of the website, that the most likely outcome is NOT ownership of a metropolis on Mars. We think our projections are reasonable and still give hope that our strong claim will ultimately prove successful for our claimants or their decendents.

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