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ABOVE:  Dr Phil Davies provides an update (October 2020) on the “Join The Martians!” campaign. …

** CORRECTION 1:  Dr Phil mentions “British pounds” when he should have said “US dollars: we aim to successfully register Martian land into a trust with claimants as possessory (beneficial) title holders and the UN “trustee”as legal title holder. The UN will have a preferential right to acquire all beneficial shares (as well as legal title) as long as it can successfully ratify an updated Outer Space Treaty together with payment of a nominal fee to each claimant. It has until 10.10.2038 to complete this requirement (with each alternate year of this period, the nominal fee doubles in size: starting with $1Thousand in 2017 it exceeds $1Million by 2037). **

CORRECTION 2: Dr Phil does not explain how the high powered laser light might positively affect the geo-atmosphere on Mars. This has been well explained in all of our previous videos (see our YouTube channel) … but essentially it liberates carbon dioxide from the surface into the atmosphere. In a very small way, this is in keeping with the plans to generate a Martian atmosphere for human terraforming (Elon Musk has similar plans to liberate CO2 – his “fast way” uses thermonuclear explosions instead of lasers). Although the lasers have a very small positive effect, we assert that this is not legally trivial – it helps us to legitimately claim actual possession of the celestial land.

Laser targets Mars!

Taken with a good mobile phone camera [Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+], the recording in low light was never going to be great. Nevertheless, we can show the autotracking of the GOTO telescope to which the laser is attached. We can see the power of the 1W blue laser. We must show you the 3W!


  • Telescope AutoTracking of Mars
  • Powerfull 1W blue laser
  • Mars & Saturn targets

“Morse to Mars”

Here we send a repeated claim to possession of Mars [targetted at Mars] using a programmable 100mW green laser. The free-source software [Android App: EVO laser] is certainly jittery but still very impressive. See for yourself…


  • Morse Code laser message!
  • Programmable green laser
  • A Claim of Mars possession

More Mars Morse

An extended clip of Mores code targetting Mars again. The first section shows the programmable laser mounted on a GOTO telescope mount.


  • Laser Morse Code – still a WOW
  • Laser accuracy, mounted on telescope
  • Message composition – tricky!

Programmable Laser: Morse code

Our 100mW green “EVO” [from WickedLasers]. We have attached a smartport to the laser and use a short cable to connect to a samsung phone. A brittle [but still effective] Android App allows us to send bespoke laser Morse Code messages to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn [usually something like “I declare peaceful possession of Planet Mars”. An example of Free Space Optical Coms.

3500mW Laser!

This powerful laser [3W] is used to shower Planet Mars with 4.4 Quadrillion high energy blue photons per second!

Here we have it indoors for testing.

Interview with the NEW YORKER:

Fantastic interview with Simon Parkin of The New Yorker Magazine. It went out July 2017 on New Yorker Radio Hour all over the USA on public radio. … now people all over the world are joining us in huge numbers in order to help “#SaveTheSpaceTreaty” and each obtain a legally valid claim to thousands of acres of land on Mars.

The brilliant 15 minute radio documentary is here: NEW YORKER RADIO HOUR

Welcome to Mars.Sale !
[ and marsforsale.com ]


Here’s a video of our Mars globe that we use to plot out any preference Mars land claims. This is for people or companies that understand how strong our claim of possession really is, and wish to reserve an actual large plot on Mars. We only list individuals or companies who consent to it.

Whether you want cheap land on Mars or are politically motivated for ‘celestial safety’, we think you should join us! If you do share our ‘vision’, then apply collateral pressure on UN from your own social media resources … thanks!
Dr Phil Davies

Better “low light” quality vids to follow [plus an interview with our founder].

Favourite Astronomy Site

Close to the Surrey-Hampshire border, this area borders on the Alice-Holt forest, a very beautiful woodland area. The opening scenes of battle in Gladiator were shot there.  Anyway, this elevated south facing site is just right for our target, Mars.  Note the shoes for the tripod.  We keep these pegged into the ground so as to limit the need for telescope realignment.  Note the laser [1W blue] mounted to the telescope in a bracket.


On clear nights, with Mars in the sky, we can quite happily spend 2 hours here [recently 2345-0145] as long as it doesn’t get too cold. This particular telescope and most of our lasers do not like the cold. We use the lasers in 5-10 minute bursts. We usually bring the 1W and 3.5W blue lasers and use them for a total laser-on time of about 30 minutes. We also use the 100mW red ‘nano’ laser for 15 minutes and the green ‘evo’ laser for programmable Morse Code laser messages sent to Mars [stating our claim] – a very economical form of Free Space Optical Communication.

South facing slope with uninterupted views from SE to SW … ideal for Mars right now.  Could lose the clouds though.

New media coming soon! U will be by what we have to show you!

Above is the night sky scene in late May soon after opposition and around time of closest approach. See Mars and Saturn quite close together.

Scopes and Lasers


A few pics of our telescopes, the lasers and laser beam to Mars [3.5W laser not seen here but see it pictured in the ABOUT section]