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We want U to file a claim to land on Mars & join our "Factual Possession" of Mars

How it works.

1 We first claimed possession and right to ownership of all land on Mars in a witnessed statement, 2010. This was sent to UN and UK Gov. Since then we have stated our claim regularly, in Laser Morse Code sent to Mars, radio messages via SpaceSpeak and also Twitter (@IClaimMars). Six years on, we now want others to join us in our claim. Please do! You could REALLY get land on Mars, but our main goal is to use this as leverage to get the UN to sign a new Space Treaty that works for peace and commerce in Space [see "ABOUT" page].

2 A claim to new land such as this cannot survive without action to prove "Factual Possession". For inhospitable land [like Antarctica...or Mars] there is no real requirement to go there and settle or even trade. In targetting Mars with laser light we are benefitting the land and atmosphere to a small degree [a 'non-zero' positive effect.. see the "ABOUT" pages to find out how laser light can help Mars]. This is a regular act of possession. Our governance plans are entirely consistent with what an Effective Occupier should be seen to do.

3 With the website live and being content with our legal and scientific base, we now submit repeated requests to UN for Martian Land registration. There is nothing in law to stop us. We invite you to file your claim now [more claimants = more influence] in this "single act of possession" such that UN [as acting "Celestial Registry"] is legally bound to to register a new territory trust, The Mars Trust, for which all claimants will be beneficiaries, with the UN Trusteeship Council as Trustee. We are doing this NOW so "JOIN US" !!!!

Background: Future Fiction?... A Mars Garden Project -- ||-- Below: The Mars Land Claim Certificate Bundle
JOIN US! Its a very simple and secure process. Click on the certificates below to go to the JOIN US page. There you will see that EarlyBirds can stake their Mars Land claim for FREE or much reduced prices. Even the full price for a claim can get you TEN ACRES FOR ONE CENT! Now that gets you a legal claim to land on MARS that is ONE THOUSAND TIMES CHEAPER [yes, 1000!] than most of those novelty Moon/Mars deeds that are being sold out there! Please do make your own comparisons and read further into all this and you will see ours is the strongest and only truly legal claim to Land on Mars. Once on the JOIN US page you can make your choice of claim [Normal or Preference …. Preference means you pay a bit more for your choice: an exactly mapped out huge chunk of Mars]. Then you click through to our SECURE SALES site [celestialsales.com] which is hosted by SHOPIFY. You will see by the secure padlock in the address-bar of our sales pages that all transactions are SSL secure. Shopify have a great reputation for handling high volume secure sales. So come on, JOIN US!

1. Claim

You simply file your claim for Mars here on our website. Depending how much of an Early Bird you are, you may get the land claim for FREE or a small fee: $9 can get you a claim for 100 Sq Km (~25,000 acres!!) You get three Claim Certificates and a Declaration of Intent (to form the Mars Trust, with claimants becoming tenants in common for all land on Mars. For more details see "ABOUT" or "Legal Issues"...Otherwise claim here: "JOIN US"

2. Process

We submit "First Registration" paperwork plus "Statements of truth" to the UN. This includes names of all claimants to date. We bring further, collateral pressures to bear, such that UN finally agrees to legally address our submissions. Until successful registration we will continue to bring in ever more new claimants and submit updated First Registration paperwork to UN on a monthly basis (see "ABOUT" page for more on this).

3. Lasering

We have been sending strong laser beams to Mars on a frequent basis for 6 years. We use laser linked software to send optical Morse Code messages (claims to Mars' land) to Mars and beyond. With lasers aligned & fixed to a telescope, we shower Mars with up to 4.5 Quadrillion photons per second! We've done the math. This will have a real 'non-zero,' favorable effect on land, atmosphere and any primitive life on Mars. See "Science Issues".

4. Registration

Incredible as it may seem, our actions should be legally sufficient to register the land on Mars! However, we are here to help the UN. We ask them to register the land to The Mars Trust, with UN as trustee and claimants as tenants in common. All claimants would be beneficiaries. The UN will want to draft the Trust Deeds, but in this circumstance, all our claimants will end up with either $$$$ payment or actual Mars land.

What Could You Get?

So to be clear, our motivation here is to use our legal position as leverage to effect changes for the better at UN. We see the current Space Treaty being dropped or ignored [see US Asteroid Act 2015] because it's no good for Space Commerce [mining contracts etc]; but when it is lost, we lose "The Law" against weapons in Space. So we want Space faring nations to sign a new 'commerce-friendly' Space Treaty that still tackles weaponization [including Earth based space weapons and dual-use space equipment]. Then we want to give the Mars land over to UN Trusteeship [they will have to pay a set fee to each claimant for this]. This is the model we suggest for all celestial bodies in our Solar System: UN Trusteeship. UN can manage space contracts etc, but keep the lands in the hands of Humankind. If they fail to deliver, well then you have every right to use your claim to get your Mars land. Your/our single claim is now the strongest EVER claim for celestial land and will remain so long into the future. When companies and wealthy individuals attempt to own such land in future [maybe in 100 years] your claim will be difficult to hurdle... because it covers all bases for legal acquisition. See 4 possible outcomes below. Our legal position is beautifully untouched by the current Treaties, whereas Nations or companies operating in Space are restricted. [see "Legal Issues" page].

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Certificate + Peace

Good, but still no land; not yet
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Cert + Peace + $$$

Result! Humanity thanks you!
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Cert + Peace + Mars!

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