Overview: a quick walk through

We want U to file a claim to land on Mars & join our "Factual Possession" of Mars

What’s all this?

1 So, would you like to own a piece of Planet Mars AND save the "Outer Space Treaty?" ... Of course you do! The Outer Space Treaty is the ONLY law that prevents aggressive weaponization of orbital space around Earth, but its is becoming marginalized because its no good for modern space business. It NEEDS to be updated before it gets dropped or ignored. Already several countries want to put "peaceful weapons into space" ... if that happens its a slippery slope to having nukes sitting just 400km above our heads: *CLICK WHY?*

2 We need to sting the UN (COPUOS) to update the treaty to make it great for space commerce (mining etc.), good for debris management (space debris is crazy right now), vital for peace, plus protective of opportunity for all future space faring nations. The UN has tried to update the treaty, but can't reach consensus; so no result in 53 years of trying! BUT, we know that for all nations, the GREED for acquisition & prosperity trumps any desire for universal PEACE. If we really agitate that GREED, we might just trigger a treaty update!

3 For 10 years we have been reported in *WORLD MEDIA* for applying persistent high-powered LASER light to Mars (which provides a very small geo-atmospheric benefit for future terra-forming of Mars). We have developed strong governance plans and are claiming pan-multinational communal possession of Mars. This is legitimate and might jolt the UN into action. *JOIN US HERE* and become a co-claimant of land on Mars. Click on *LEGAL UPDATES* to monitor our progress in National & International LAW COURTS.

1. Claim

You simply file your claim for Mars here on our website. Depending how much of an Early Bird you are, you may get the land claim for FREE or a small fee: $18 can buy a claim for 35 Sq Km (>8500 acres!!) You get 3 Claim Certificates & a Declaration of Intent (to form the Mars Trust, with claimants becoming contingent beneficiaries for all land on Mars. For more details see "ABOUT" or "Legal Issues"...Otherwise claim here: "JOIN US"

2. Process

We submit "First Registration" paperwork plus "Statements of truth" to the UN. This includes names of all claimants to date. We bring further, collateral pressures to bear, such that UN finally agrees to legally address our submissions. Until successful registration we will continue to bring in ever more new claimants and submit updated First Registration paperwork to UN on a monthly basis (see "ABOUT" page for more on this).

3. Lasering

We have been sending strong laser beams to Mars on a frequent basis for 10 years. We use laser linked software to send optical Morse Code messages (claims to Mars' land) to Mars and beyond. With lasers aligned & fixed to a telescope, we shower Mars with up to 4.5 Quadrillion photons per second! We've done the math. This will have a real 'non-zero,' favorable effect on land, atmosphere and any primitive life on Mars. See "Science Issues".

4. Registration

Incredible as it may seem, our actions should be legally sufficient to register the land on Mars! However, we are here to help the UN. We ask them to register the land to The Mars Trust, with UN as trustee and claimants as tenants in common or contingent beneficiaries. The UN will want to draft the Trust Deeds, but in this circumstance, all our claimants will end up with either $$$$ payment (from UN itself) or, after 20 years, actual Mars land.

UPDATE Summer 2020. The Current Situation:
Despite a pandemic, we are ahead of schedule! We initially needed world media attention [tick]. We needed strong, positive independent legal and scientific appraisal in order to assure credibility [tick]. We needed top space lawyers to join us as judging panel for our simulated “moot” court competition (The Mars Prize) [tick]. We needed sufficient funds for the ultimate legal process, probably to be held at The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) [tick].

So all is in order and we are now very confident. In order to get to the first big stage of international appraisal (at the UN: COPUOS), we must first go through the national High Courts (we have chosen the UK Courts). That’s where we are right now: check on our progress in the NEWS pages.

What Could You Get?

So to be clear, our motivation here is to use the legal position of our Mars land claim as strong leverage to get changes for the better at the UN. We see the current Space Treaty being dropped or ignored (see US Space Act 2015) because it's no good for Space Commerce (mining contracts etc); but when it is lost, we lose "The Law" against nuclear weapons in Space. So we want the UN to get it updated ASAP. In subjecting our Mars land claim to legal due process, we hope to publicly show the weakness in space law, such that the UN puts new effort into updating the Space Treaty. If the legal process actually does get us Title Registration to land on Mars (this is feasible!), the land will go into communal Trust (The Mars Trust), we propose under UN Trusteeship. Then all land claimants together become contingent beneficiaries of the Mars Trust (possibly not including Dr Philip Davies). That means if the UN can get a good Treaty update then it has the preferential right to acquire every land share from each claimant for a nominal fee. That fee is just $1000 each in year one, but doubles biennially such that by close of year 20 it is $1 million each! This arrangement applies financial pressure upon the UN to get the Space Treaty updated as early as possible. In such a case there is a good (maybe very good!) dollar reward for all our land claimants. Now if the Mars Land Claim becomes legally registered/recognized, but the UN fails to update the Treaty (nor pay the nominal fees) by 10.10.2038, then the Mars Trust will stipulate that all claimants are issued a Mars land plot, allocated via lottery (except preference claim holders; they get the plot(s) they requested). Each plot is huge (from 9 to 35 sq km!) and will be held open as "common land." Now see the 4 main possible outcomes below. Also, for facts about the unique and elegant legal positioning of this Mars land claim, look here... ["Legal Issues"].

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