The Mars Prize
The Mars Prize is a prize competition to award the winners of “best court case submissions” (pleadings in the form of written memorials) in a moot (imagined) court of arbitration, concerning a dispute between:



The competition will be open to law students or post-graduates (with an interest in general international law and int’l space law). We at Mars Register are not professional lawyers (we’re medically trained), so we have agreed a world class judging panel of two senior academic scholars of international space law: Prof. Fabio Tronchetti and Dr Philip De Man.

Prize for best memorial (claimant) = $1000 *
Prize for best memorial (respondent)=$500 *

First 500 valid applications will be awarded with a “Standard Mars Land Claim” certificate, claiming 25-100 sq km of land on planet Mars.

The Mars Prize Certificate (small size sample).

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    The Mars Prize: Best Memorial (Claimant): $1000 *

    This prize goes to the best pleading document (memorial) submitted as claimant (or applicant), Mars Register.

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    The Mars Prize: Best Memorial (Respondent): $500 *

    This prize goes to the best pleading document (memorial) submitted as respondent, UN COPUOS

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    Award of Mars Land Claim Certificate for 25-100 Sq Km

    The first 500 acceptable submissions (not trivial or “ridiculously poor” in quality / content) will be awarded this.


* The Mars Prize will be quite heavily promoted via international and national media including social media. We expect a good response. Nevertheless, we do still require a minimum number of valid applicants (The Quota).

The Quota required to enable the competition to advance to the full prize award is 500 in total (with at least 100 valid submissions for both claimant and respondent). We expect to vastly exceed those minimal figures, but if we dont, then there is a reduced allocation of prize funds: $200 for Best memorial (Claimant) and $100 for Best Memorial (Respondent).

Why the disparity in prize money? … Well, we think the claimant here (MarsRegister = us) has a rather more difficult job than the respondent. Dont get me wrong, we think we are going to smash this thing when it comes to the REAL “due process” which is looming in the next year…. but it will need a pleading of ultra high quality.  We are likely to get some inspiration from the memorials submitted. We are also most interested to imagine the various ways the respondent (COPUOS) may approach this case.


The Mars Land Claim Dispute : MARS REGISTER (claimant) v. UN COPUOS (respondent). Court: Permanent Court of Arbitration, PCA
******* The Competition will GO LIVE on 01 July 2017. Check back on or after that date for full information packs and entry options. In the meantime, if you are interested in the competition, read our “legal self assessment document” which describes the REAL “Mars Land Claim” which also forms the basis of the moot court competition. Find it here: