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Would you like to own a big piece of Planet Mars AND save the “Outer Space Treaty?

As it progresses through the national (and then international) legal system, our unique claim is proving itself to be technically legitimate and a real problem for judges and governments to deal with. Once the UN committee (COPUOS) is presented with the ‘problem’ of our claim (in late 2021 we estimate), we intend to sting them into updating the Outer Space Treaty, not just to deal with our claim, but more importantly to accommodate space exploitation and stay strong against weaponization  in orbit @ the Earth. In the course of creating a unique, technically legitimate claim, we now give all fellow “Martians” (everyone who joins us here) the genuine opportunity to provide vast areas of land on Mars to their family descendants.  See our “NEWS” section.

Our goal is to get the Space Faring Nations to ratify an updated Outer Space Treaty via the UN. This Treaty must be space-business friendly but also limit space weaponization & land appropriation.  We want UN to allocate a savvy SPACE USER GROUP to administer light ‘trusteeship’ of our Solar System.

Why the need to update the Treaty?.. its the only LAW stopping NUKES in Space, but its being thrown aside ‘cos its bad for Space commerce (mining etc). The treaty tries to stop aggressive weaponization of orbit/space but we now know that major space-faring nations intend to have weapons in space (“peaceful weapons”, just to protect space assets!) within the next 10 years.  This is a slippery slope to having NUKES above our heads.  It’s sad that astronauts (“the envoys of humankind”) might soon become armed space-soldiers.  We agree that space security is important and satellites must be monitored and inspected if necessary … but leave any policing to the UN and their blue hats. That way, space exploration & commerce can truly flourish.

Lobbying the UN to update the Outer Space Treaty (OST) is useless … we tried.  BUT, our well constructed claim to land on Mars (based on sustained targeting of Mars by super-high power lasers & a detailed governance plan) might sting them into action.  It may also get us registered possessory title to Mars!  So why might our claim be able to jolt the UN committees in to action? … because, sadly, the desire of GREED is stronger than the desire for PEACE.

We are currently progressing our claim towards international legal appraisal … first we have to go through a national legal system in order to gain such international access.  We are in the middle of that now (see “NEWS”).  The truth is that there is NOT a lawyer out there who could successfully argue that our pan-multinational communal claim to celestial land is incorrect or illegal. We ARE in actual possession of Mars land according to the precedents in law. Now, it may not be possible to progress that possession into ownership right now, but it will be one day. We are now “first-in-line” to register ownership of the land. Sounds silly/frivolous? … NO, this is a matter of FACT.

Dr Phil Davies: “We think the United States “Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act 2015″ is mostly a GOOD THING but it does hurt the 52 year old Outer Space Treaty.  So the US now needs to show strong responsible world leadership and encourage the UN (COPUOS) to work hard to update the Outer Space Treaty. If we fail to update the treaty as fit-for-purpose, then it will wither away and space weaponization will grow unchecked”.

Finally,  we seek suitable BIG REWARD [$$$$ or LAND on MARS] for all Planet Mars Land Claimants who support us here in our venture. Together, our claims will show, in an international court, the weakness of Space Law . Thus we aim to jolt the UN into updating the tired old Space Treaty.
We are based in LONDON and invite new Mars Land Claimants from all over the World to join us!.. “Not just for Mars but for Peace in the Stars.”

Well, we need serious leverage… so we have developed a smart land claim to Mars which should penetrate all space law in a high profile international court. Sounds incredible but it is feasibly true. We looked at what we had to do,  under International Law,  to claim new unregistered land like the land on Mars.   From research we saw that “Factual Possession” is the likely key,  and the proof for that varies according to the nature of the land.  For difficult distant land,  we don’t have to go there and settle it.   We should just have to show a little governance,  ‘intent’ to occupy [we do] and early efforts to develop it. So that is what we have applied to Planet Mars land. Read on to find out how we’ve done it! It is the first time that anyone has gone down this route to possession of celestial land. Hopefully it will sting the UN into saving the space treaty. We might need to confront the UN in international court.
Well, with Planet Mars possession in mind, we note that any plans for terraforming Planet Mars include the early need for atmospheric pressure generation.  A greenhouse effect is proposed, one that could be triggered by adding light/heat to the polar areas especially to liberate CO2 gas. Just a 3 degree increase would do it… then humans wouldn’t need to wear pressure suits.  So, we have been showering the land on Mars with powerful laser light [we use a 3.5W blue and 100mW red lasers mainly] for 10 years.  The heat/light WILL have a small {non-zero} beneficial effect on Planet Mars land and atmosphere through CO2 release. Any primitive photosynthetic life will also benefit..  Such intervention is very in keeping with a claim of factual possession.  The other cool thing about our laser use [as long as we stay safe and legal on Earth] is that it absolutely does not get blocked by any existing Space Law.
OK, through our use of lasers to add light/heat to the land on Mars we have gone some way to prove possession.  We have also stated our claim to Planet Mars land many times by laser-Morse-code, Spacespeak [radio messages] and Twitter [@IClaimMars or @JoinTheMartians].  With respect to governance, we have planned for the formation of a territory trust [The Mars Trust], should our claim to land on Mars prove successful.  We are now gathering people from every world nation into our communal claim. People who join us get the strongest ever claim to land on Mars!… and they get that either for FREE (with voucher code) or for a really TINY price! We then go to the UN with our Mars land claim and supporting evidence.  If successful, we will gain title to the Planet Mars land, held in trust with UN as Trustee.  UN can then buy the shares from us at a very preferential rate, provided it has got that new UN Treaty ratified and has agreed to go forward with UN Trusteeship.
We prove possession of Planet Mars with a large number of Mars Land Claimants (from every world nation) who have joined us through this website.  We get possessory/beneficial title registration to the land on Mars, which is immediately held in Trust with UN as trustee.  The UN quickly effects a new Space Treaty and assumes business friendly trusteeship of our solar system (creating a governing user group).  Hence space mining companies can get their contracts signed by a new pro-commerce UN “space council” and so raise the funds they need.  All actual land on Mars is still protected under UN trusteeship.  Peace in space is more secure and collaborative space ventures flourish.  The UN then pays a nominal fee to our Mars Land Claimants for their land shares [only $1000 each if paid by 10 Oct 2017, but doubles biennially after that!].  So, the UN gets a great deal [if it acts early], our Mars land claimants get a very good dollar reward and Humanity get celestial safety!… and we do better than break even.
Anyone for any reason! If you support our celestial safety campaign but cant commit any money then please just follow us on Twitter (@JoinTheMartians).

To help fund our legal challenges (to get the OST updated via our Mars claim) then join us here in buying a legal claim to land on Mars.

Alternatively if you want to buy land on Mars as a Christmas gift for someone, go right ahead. Our certificate package contains a seasonal gift certificate. So you can buy Mars land claims as cheap, quick, legal Christmas gifts.

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