We in Space

All Mankind is an Outer Space Governance Organization [OSGO]

This is our proposal for an effective ‘light touch’ regulator: a business friendly user group that also carries powerful ethical, social and ecological responsibilities. This OSGO has early commitments to debris control and waste management. Orbital security will come next (a minimal UN police presence); by 2050, governance over the harvesting and usage of celestial resources role will become the dominant responsibility. This may include real estate management.

A Full House!
out of 195
world nations
are represented
by our members
{equitable spread}

Ethical Foundations

Responsibility & Benefit = Humanity First
Ethical, ‘Business Friendly’ Framework
Facilitate safe, Multilateral, Scientific Exploration
Responsible Management of All Celestial Assets
Promote Peaceful Co-operation & Open Access
Celestial Permanent Fund & All-Mankind Dividend
Powers For Regulation and Assistance

Business Friendly

Legal certainty, Transparency, Predictability
Compelling Opportunities for Operators & Investors
Registration of Priority Rights on Approval for Operators
Efficient, Savvy, Accountable Management at Pace
Incentivization of Joint Commercial Ventures
No Compulsory Monetary Benefit-Sharing
Technical and Urgent Safety Support

Responsible Growth

Safe, Orderly, Sustainable Development
Foster Corporate Social/Environmental Responsibility
Ensure National Responsibilities are Enacted & Maintained
Foster Best Operational Practises (Inc Waste Management)
Celestial Property Management (Division of ‘Rights Bundle’)
Celestial Permanent Fund: For Reinvestment & Sharing
All-Mankind Dividend: Global Human Development Plan

Care & Governance

Ensure Responsible Reaping & Smart Sowing
Audit of All Celestial Sales, Leasings & Contracts
Ensure Equitable Global Allocation of Benefits
Oversight & Soft Stewardship of All New Ventures
Responsive To Users, Local Society, Global Communities
Facilitate Multilateral Engagements In R&D + Commerce
Responsive To Nations; Responsible to Humanity (UN-GA)

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We hope that the UN (COPUOS) can reach consensus on a vital treaty update and on a suitable framework for commercial space ventures. We will freely donate this internet domain (AllMankind.org) if they wish. The proposed model has just been agreed through the excellent work in The Hague: ‘The Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group’ … website is HERE … and the building blocks framework is HERE … we like it!

A comprehensive commentary (April 2020) on the building blocks for a celestial governance framework is found at this LINK .

Our proposed model is similar, except that we make provision for individuals & companies to own actual celestial real estate. As a supranational body responsible to UNGA, the space governance council (All Mankind), will generate and issue land titles for all successful ‘First Registration’ applications. Using a common law model, the bundle of ownership rights become divided. All Mankind will retain ultimate control either through ‘right of eminent domain’ or by retaining ‘legal title’ (acting as trustee with beneficial rights going to the new ‘owner’). This is to ensure responsible development of celestial land assets. For more on the specific legal matters regarding ‘The Martians,’ click here:  LEGAL MATTERS FOR MARTIANS!

It’s Our Solar System! … at least we think it is … We WILL look after it.  ‘All Mankind’ is our proposal: a space governance council that is both socially and environmentally responsible, yet also very business friendly.
And Earth … well Earth is the BEST planet in our portfolio! … It needs maximum care after 150 years of abuse.
** Responsible extraction and use of celestial resources may help us save humanity & our native planet **
So welcome to ‘The Province’ of ALL MANKIND! … This proposed body came about from ‘The Martians’ Project [martian land claims are equitably issued to people of every single nation!]. We hope that the ‘UN’ will take up the role of All Mankind.
The next phase of human exploration into space will be bound to plans for explotation of celestial resourceS.
In order to ensure a  peaceful, respectful and ordered process, we need a modest framework. … we will need a savvy, business friendly, socially minded, governance body (with some genuine powers of regulation). 
Also, The Outer Space Treaty will need a ‘top-up treaty,’ to maintain peace and order in space. Click:   THE MARTIANS


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