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Why is this important?…
Well, even though you may be skeptical about all this (rightly so), we can assure you that if our membership grows, so does the strength of the claim certificate you now have. It means we are more likely to be able to agitate the UN to update the Outer Space Treaty (to prevent aggressive weaponization of space); it also becomes more likely that you will be able to provide your family descendents with actual land on Mars (that might take 100 years, but its a real prospect now, especially if the membership grows past one million).
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Summary of situation Dec 2020:

1. Our claim to land on Mars in uniquely crafted to fit elegantly with existing international/space law.

2. The use of powerful lasers helps to satisfy limited criteria required in law to provide early control & improvement to difficult, barren land…. for the purpose of a successful celestial land claim.

3. Nearly all forms of land-property rights in space are barred … but not when the claimants are a pan-multi-national communal group. There is precedent in international law to show this can be permitted.

4. Our claim to land on Mars is the only celestial land claim to be proven as “filed” @ UN (2016).

5. Our claim has come through the UK High Courts with enhanced credibility – the UK Gov & both Judges say they really can’t tell if our claim will prove successful in an international court … it will be for international law to decide.

6.The purpose of doing this (including the lasers @Mars) for >10 years is to agitate COPUOS (the UN committee responsible for the laws in space) to update the Outer Space Treaty before it’s too late. It’s the only law that stops aggressive weaponization of space, including NUKES in the orbit @ Earth. This law is being marginalized and ignored, because it’s bad for business (mining). It needs updated asap.

7. As a by product of creating a technically legitimate claim, it also means that anyone who joins as a member (a co-claimant with a Mars land claim certificate bundle) now has a genuine opportunity to provide their family descendants with actual land on Mars (or a big pay off from Governments/corporations).

8. We have 152,000 members now (“The Martians”). We want one million by 2022. Most Claims have been free to date … now we have introduced low prices for claims to help with legal fees. Yes, we have agreed to pay all the UK Gov’s legal fees (we are not sponging off the UK public purse).

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