So, just what will your MARS CLAIM get you?…

Well, you join in our “Claim To First Possession” of Mars, evidenced by 3 Claim Certificates & a Declaration of Intent from Mars Register.

REMEMBER: our claim is the FIRST legally valid claim to land on Mars … FACT:

In 2019 the UK HIGH COURT JUDGE and the UK Government both stated that this claim might prove to be legitimate under international law! … see the NEWS section for more on this.


You join in our Claim, get a certificate…and we make efforts @ UN and international courts to make this work for you… your claim remains strong, but will you get the reward you want or will it have to go to your Grandchildren? Well, more likely the latter. So we are saying that it’s is reasonably likely (perhaps even probable) that your future descendants WILL eventually get title ownership of the claimed land on Mars! So hang in there… and don’t lose those certificates!

You get your certificate (as above), but still no land, YET… but you do get REAL satisfaction (we’ve stung the UN into updating OST to keep space safe from weapons and debris!). Plus, your claim remains valid … it may still reward you or your future dependants.

3/ You get your certificate, then later, Mars Land Title (held in The Mars Trust)… and before Oct 2038 the UN updates the OST and buys your claim share for a fixed price [only $1000 in 2017, but DOUBLES every ODD year after that… >$1Million by 2037!].

4/ You get loads of land on Mars! That’s right, MARS!

BUT BUT BUT! Over longer time, ALL 4 outcomes could really lead to you, or your lucky descendants, owning land on MARS or receiving $$$$ Read on!…

Do this, and will thank you

* In ALL possible outcomes, your Mars Claim certificate will remain strong. You will have joined in the first legally valid claim to possession of celestial land. When international space law becomes sufficiently developed that claims of appropriation can be routinely appraised (this will surely happen in future if we dont manage to stir things up @ UN), our claim will stand at the front of the line/queue.  Really?…. yes, really!  Modern International law does not tolerate reckless colonial style land grabbing any more. The person with the first legally acceptable claim becomes the winner, even if a more powerful person or nation lands on Mars and attempts to claim ownership. International law will not tolerate it. That’s how the Netherlands beat USA in international court to gain ownership of Palmas Island in the Pacific.  There were three big legal cases in the 20th Century (including Palmas Island) which have shaped modern international law for land acquisition. The first legally acceptable claim always wins. Thats how France beat Mexico (Clipperton Island) and Denmark beat Norway (Greenland). So, again, a reminder:  Our claim is the FIRST legally valid claim to land on Mars… FACT.

So we are saying that in paying the small nominal fee to join in our single communal claim to Mars possession, it is PROBABLE that either you or your future descendants will be legally awarded the claimed land on Mars!  There is also the possibility that our campaign works out well, in which case we may get a vital update to the Space Treaty, plus financial reward to all our Mars land claimants ($1000 – $1million each, depending how quickly the UN can react). See below…

OK, so lets really look at these possible outcomes:

1/ You get your Certificate… and for the foreseeable future, that’s pretty much it!.Yup, despite our best efforts, the UN and their State delegations will try to fend us off without easy access to legal due process. In that case we will need to go through the courts seeking a mandatory order to enforce our right to access legal due process. Realistically, this IS the most likely EARLY outcome. But give us 5 years and we believe we can make the next outcome (number 2), a reality. BUT, think on this… even if we get stuck at this point, this Mars land claim,  which you will forever have a right to associate your self with,  does have genuine legal merit and so it DOES COUNT.  Compared to any other claim to celestial land that has gone before  [Google it, there have been loads of them… all nonsense!],  none have come close to our legitimate claim through any acts of possession. We are the first and only people to actually attempt this! In future decades and centuries, your/our claim will stand before any other party trying to get land, even if they are standing right there on Mars.  Your thankful descendants may really get that Martian land from your outstanding claim filed many years before… think on that,  and look after that certificate!

Also, if in future our world Nations somehow find themselves in a Space-based laser-nuke sort of war [made more likely if the old Treaty is dropped – as we think it might be],  you or your descendants will be first out with the reminders that you,  all those years ago,  did try to make a difference but the UN just didn’t listen.  Righteous gloating can still give sustenance when the gamma rays are piling down.

*UPDATE APRIL 2017: We might now be about to get beyond this stage… for real. So keep outcomes 2, 3 and 4 open because any could now happen! (we’ve had good media attention and are about to get a lot more. It looks like we will soon get UN COPUOS to discuss our claim (via a member state proposal) and advance it for legal due process in an International Court). Stay tuned to our NEWS section over the next 12 months.

2/ You get your Certificate, but still no land, yet…  [although see above how in future years your claim WILL still apply].  However,  in this case the UN does take note of our claims.  In fact, some of the Space Faring nations get quite twitchy about it.  They all know that they SHOULD be agreeing a new Space Treaty of Agreement, but haven’t had the stimulus to accept compromise.  Well now they have a stimulus … there are members of the public out there [you and me] starting to use credible legal arguments to get land on Mars! Moreover, we are now going to International Court to prove the claim against those weak space laws that we’ve been lobbying them to update … this worries/stings them enough to get together and sign a treaty that does help commerce in Space,  does address weapons again [including Earth based ‘space weapons’ and dual use equipment] and also territorial claims.  Perhaps the UN will assume some trusteeship role after all.

We originally said this case was the second most likely … now we’ve reconsidered. That might be true in the short term but we now think it could be the MOST likely in the medium term (3-5 years)].  OK, in this situation we don’t yet get any land (at this stage) and the Mars Trust cannot form,  BUT,  we truly can feel REALLY good [even if the UN doesn’t acknowledge any of us] … that we managed to make Space [and hence Earth]  safer for our future generations.  How many people get to do that?  Still no land though!… yet! … but hang on to that certificate for yourself and your descendants … this thing is not over!

3/ You get your Certificate, we get Mars land title awarded (via UN and an appointed court/registry), then UN  is required to update the Space Treaty to the satisfaction of UNGA. Once this is done, the UN buys your share for a nominal fee [$1000 in 2017, doubling every odd year thereafter, such that by 2037 each share would cost the UN just over $1 Million! … a financial pressure to get the OST update done ASAP]]. Now this is more like it! [the third most likely]… An international court or registry (either the PCA or a UN appointed body) award us registered title and place the land into Trust with UN as trustee and ourselves all as conditional beneficiaries. With not everyone @ UN happy, our Title registration gets ratified via tense special sitting of UN General Assembly.  The UN pretty much write the Deed of Trust for the Mars Trust before assuming trusteeship. The UN grows into the role and appoints a nimble space savvy council to manage the market friendly aspects of the role. The OST is updated, securing peace in space and allowing an expansion of commercial space enterprises whilst the UN also expands its trustee role over the whole solar system. Thus celestial mining ventures are up and running with the UN signing off and monitoring these contracts, whilst still acting fairly to all nations and holding celestial land in trust for all humanity. Nations can see this working and vibrant, collaborative international space projects pop up everywhere. Then the UN pays all of us claimants a nominal fee for our land shares,  As the fee doubles annually (as stated above) it is in their interest to get the OST updated ASAP.   So here you get money instead of Mars (and a very good dollar reward it is!), but look, we’ve just made the Solar System a very cool and civilized place to live!  Perhaps ‘next level’ Alien civilizations,  if they exist,  will view all this positively and finally welcome us in to the Galactic Premiership!! So anyway,  The UN and member Nations will no doubt wish to thank all claimants who ultimately made this happen…  Cities on Mars named in your honour?..  Why not?

4/ You get land on Mars!OK, The least likely … it starts as per [3], with our Title Claim registered and the Mars Trust up and running … but there remains no UN willingness or capability to agree on a Treaty.  This remains the case such that by 10 Oct 2038 the directions via Trust Deed is that the Trust has the land divided and yes, actually given to you.  You do get your land on Mars (9-35 sq km in size!!!) … although the first NASA ferry to Mars wont kick in for a while. The land will be held open as “common land.”

** *As mentioned toward the top of the page, there is another, certainly possible, longer term route to Mars land ownership.  If we fail to progress in the international courts, we still have a claim of possession, that we will be maintaining (on all our behalf) well into the future. Should the space laws around appropriation of celestial land be relaxed (which in future they absolutely will), then with our “time served” in honest, legally valid, claimed possession of Mars, we would all have earned the right to an early court/registry appraisal of our communal claim. Now it should be remembered, that although a claimant will have an enduring [possibly everlasting] claim to Mars possession and thus to apply for titled ownership, that claim is bundled together, legally, with all our other claims.  So if your descendants were to seek title to Mars, it would most likely be awarded as a single bundled claim.  The land can then be divided between all claimants by whatever means you decide, but we would recommend you stick to our original random lottery proposal. Note that in this outcome (outcome 4), we still have a peaceful, safe outcome for “humanity”. Whilst our Mars claimants (or their descendants) may have got the Mars land they want, there will likely be some responsible restrictions on use (eg common access rights etc).

  • So there you are, the possible outcomes [there are some variations, but if Earth keeps turning then they still fall into one of the above]. Perhaps a rather likely variant is of No. 1, whereby not only do we not get much short term satisfaction, but we also get hassle from existing Celestial Claimants [you know the ones: celestial deeds as legally valid as “world’s best dad”]… or maybe we get criticism over the use of class 3/4 lasers in public skies. We are prepared for these.

NOTE: in point 4 above you, the claimant get the Martian land. In outcomes 1 to 3 you or your descendants in future years MAY still get the land.  Look after that claim certificate. That links you, rightfully, to a shared legal claim to ALL land on Mars, which will have enduring gravitas way into the future. It now puts you WAY ahead of any claim that has gone before… Period.


Want even more detail before you claim?… If you register a claim with us you WILL get:

1/ An immediately downloadable Mars land Claim Certificate [3, actually] from Mars Register [this assures the claimant that their name and email address are recorded faithfully to our claimant files].

2/ An immediately downloadable Declaration of Intent from Mars Register [ this describes our assurance that we will endeavour to have our Martian land claim registered into Title via the UN, then form a Territory Trust, The Mars Trust with UN as trustee and all claimants then registered, via Deed of Trust as either tenants in common or perhaps as contingent beneficiaries from The Mars Trust [UN may require this]. In the case that the land becomes registered and the trust is formed then UN may become first contingent beneficiary. Provided they can achieve a newly signed Space Treaty and pay a nominal fee to each claimant for the Mars land [$1000 USD in 2017, doubling biennially to over $1 million in Oct 2037], then they gain total control of the land to manage as they see fit [hold it in Trust for all humanity].  If they fail to deliver on either of those Deed of Trust requirements by 10 Oct 2038 then the land will pass to the secondary contingent beneficiaries, our claimants. Unless a claimant has acquired a preference claim for identified land, then the plots land will be allocated to all claimants by lottery. The size of the plots are variable, ranging from 9 Sq Km [>2200 acres] to 35 Sq Km [>8500 acres].  Yes, they are MASSIVE!!  No plots will be sold North or South of 75/-75 deg latitude, so the poles will be held in trust as Res Communis [for all humanity]. If the total number of plots [5.4 million] exceeds the total number of claimants, then we will continue to issue plots by lottery until exhausted [hence, it is possible that some claimants may get 2 or 3 plots but ALL claimants will get a plot when the lottery applies].

3/ The right to sell/pass on your claim at anytime as long as we are informed [may incur a $7 administration fee for updating our records] until such time that we gain Title registration via a UN registry.  At that time the Deed of Trust will record all existing claimants as contingent beneficiaries of the Trust and no new claimants will be recognized.

NOTE: Why all this contingent beneficiary status?…  Should not all claimants not just get shared ownership if and when UN registers us [as tenants in common]? Well, in the case just stated, all claimants would be joining us in a single, but joint, act of possession [like squatters do]. That’s not quite what we are doing here. The problem with a large number of joint owners/possessors holding land in a trust is that it just takes one person to have problems [bankruptcy] and the Trust could be dissolved.

So whilst we would ‘like’ to set up the Trust with us all as tenants in common, the UN would probably want a more robust arrangement for the land held in trust…Our main goal is to have the UN take on long term trusteeship. That might not happen if a bankruptcy trustee was to sell off an individual’s Mars share to the highest bidder. You see, for a nominal fee per share, we are giving the UN a great deal [as a Trust beneficiary]…. but we still think its very fair to claimants also. With the fee doubling in size annually it puts pressure upon UN to act swiftly [$1000 in 2017; > $1 million in 2037].

The method we employ is to register your claim with ourselves, we then hopefully register the land via the UN into a trust, with the UN acting as trustee (if they refuse, then Dr Phil Davies will assume the role) and all claimants as contingent beneficiaries. This means the terms of the trust can be better protected.