So, just what will your MARS CLAIM get you?…

Well, you join in our “Claim To First Possession” of Mars, evidenced by 3 Claim Certificates & a Declaration of Intent from Mars Register.

REMEMBER: our claim is the FIRST ever valid claim to factual possession of land on Mars (or indeed ANY celestial land) … FACT!

In 2019 and 2020 the UK High Court Judge, Court of Appeal Judge and the UK Government all stated that this claim might prove to be legitimate under international law! … see the NEWS section for more on this.

Then in 2021, Professor von der Dunk (one of the most elite scholars in this legal subject) confirmed that our actions were legal, including actions which could be argued to represent Factual Possession. Within the current law, our claim can’t yet be converted to owned property, but the Professor advised that if/when the law evolves to tolerate celestial property rights, then our claim should be ‘first-in-line’ for consideration.


You join in our Claim, get a certificate confirming you have joined our communal factual possession … and then you wait! … whilst we make efforts @ UN and international courts to influence some movement in the law to make this work for you… hang in there… and don’t lose those certificates … you will probably need to pass them down to your family descendants.

2/ LESS LIKELY EARLY OUTCOME: Get a Certificate and we manage to sting UN into updating space law (to protect the peace)!

You get your certificate (as above), but still no land, YET… but you do get REAL satisfaction (with the help of world media attention, we’ve stung the UN into adding new laws to the OST to keep us all safe from weapons and space debris). Plus, your claim remains valid … it may still reward you or your future descendants… so hang on to those certificates!

3/ MOST LIKELY ‘ALTERNATIVE’ MEDIUM-LONG OUTCOME: You (or more likely your family descendants) get loads of land on Planet Mars! .. and peace is ensured by a new top-up treaty! WOW!!! RESULT!!!!

That’s right, MARS! … If the law evolves, as we expect it will, to tolerate celestial land ownership, then our pan-multinational communal claim should be ‘First-in-Line’ for consideration for registration of land title. Independent expert legal opinion agrees with this statement. We can do much to ensure that our claim is sufficiently strong … including having a massive membership (we are aiming for more than 5 Million co-claimants). In this successful outcome, the legal land title goes to All Mankind (i.e. humankind … held in trust by a UN committee). The beneficial ownership title goes to all our co-claimants. The owned land is then divided into individual plots which are allocated to each member by random lottery (except for preference claims which are awarded directly). These plots are located between 75deg N and 75deg S on Mars, and vary from 9 to 35 Sq Km in size … YES, they are huge!… with some ‘huger’ than others!
In this particular outcome there is also an elegant solution for space commerce (mining etc.) and for peace and stability. Mining corporations are guaranteed profits, claimants/beneficiaries share the ground-rent payments (from the mining companies), and a new top-up space treaty is ratified. See our newly revised strategy document for details (in Legal Section).

4/ LESS LIKELY ‘ALTERNATIVE’ MEDIUM-LONG OUTCOME: Get a Certificate and your family descendants get paid $$$$$$$ by the UN to acquire your claim certificates … and peace is ensured by a new top-up treaty!.. AGAIN… RESULT!!!

The provisions within our ‘Application for First Registration’ (sent to UN) allows for the UN (conditional upon ratification of a new top-up treaty) to ‘buy back’ every claim for a nominal fee until 2037 or celestial land title registration (whichever comes first). This nominal fee was just $1000 in 2017, but is doubling biennially, such that by 10.10.2037 (70th anniversary OST) it will become $1Million to each co-claimant. This is still an amazing result: guaranteed peace and stability plus huge financial reward for our co-claimants. It is unlikely to be a possible outcome beyond 2037.

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UPDATE 2021:
The flow-chart below is a little outdated. We now acknowledge that we cannot force through our claim towards registration of ownership without the space-faring delegations (at COPUOS) agreeing to new interpretations of OST within Customary International Law. Overall, however, the schematic still holds up OK.
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